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Gale in Context
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Offers current and authoritative information to meet the needs of today's learners with a mobile-responsive design that is easy to navigate. Learners can access news content including full-text newspapers and periodicals like The Economist, The New York Times, National Geographic, Newsweek, Popular Science, Smithsonian, and more. Empower learning with hundreds of thousands of images, videos, and audio selections that include archival film clips, broadcast video, BBC News, New York Times video, and NPR. Research-yes
Gale In Context: Middle School combines reference content with age-appropriate videos, newspapers, magazines, primary sources, and more for students in middle grades. Research-yes
Gale In Context: College offers interdisciplinary content for undergraduate students that reinforces skill development in problem-solving, communication, collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Research-yes
The Gale eBooks: Coronavirus & Global Pandemics Collection helps learners better understand global viruses, pandemics, epidemics, outbreaks, and more. Research-yes
Gale Health and Wellness – Coronavirus
Gale Health and Wellness is a comprehensive consumer health resource that provides authoritative information on a full range of health-related issues.
Gale In Context: Global Issues supports global awareness and provides a global perspective empowering learners to critically analyze and understand the most important issues of the modern world. Research-yes
Gale In Context: Science provides contextual information on hundreds of todays most significant science topics. Also supports virtual science instruction. Research-yes
Gale Interactive: Science pairs high-quality digital content with interactive 3D models and empowers instructors to lead virtual science labs and lessons. Research-yes
Concise cultural information on countries around the world.  
elibrary Quick Access General reference aggregation of periodical and digital media content with editorial guidance for novice researchers. Research-yes
ProQuest Central Student Quick Access Millions of articles from more than 10,000 full-text scholarly journals. Research-yes
SIRS Discover Quick Access Selected content for novice researchers, especially elementary and middle school students and educators. Research-yes
SIRS Issues Researcher Quick Access Curriculum-aligned database of content organized by complex issues, ideally for middle and high school students and educators. Research-yes
ProQuest Research Companion Quick Access Information literacy tools and tutorials to help develop critical thinking.  
eBook subscription database (over 12,000 titles) to support multiple subject areas (English Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, Health, Physical Education, Information Literacy and Technology). Research-yes
AncestryK12 for the Classroom
(Available ONLY while at school on campus.)

AncestryK12 offers free access to all the original and primary documents of Ancestry's U.S. Collection for use in any K12 classroom.

Britannica Databases
Database of fact-checked resources that include articles, images, videos, dictionary, magazines, Web's Best Sites, Primary Sources & Ebooks, and Year in Review. Research-yes
En espanol, database of fact-checked resources that include articles, images, videos, dictionary, magazines, Web's Best Sites, Primary Sources & Ebooks, and Year in Review. offers every reader the power to enrich their relationship to the books they are reading.

  • Identify exceptional books that reflect diverse cultural experiences, interests, and ability levels
  • Obtain resources paired with your book titles that further reading enjoyment, contextual knowledge, and educational relevance
  • Share resources with everyone in your community via easy-to-use flyers, emails, texts, embeddable links, and social media
Orange County Public Library 
Portal to eResources    Try Gale's Opposing Viewpoints, OC Register, ....