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Welcome to Pacifica High School!  Check out the "Mariner News" below for up-to-date info. 


STUDENTS Connecting:

Pacifica High School has over 50 student, academic and athletic clubs present on our campus this year.  These clubs represent the most visible and accessible avenue to being connected on campus.  Joining a student organization provides great opportunities to meet new people, gain leadership, and increase your educational and extracurricular interests.  Please see the list of our clubs, advisors, student leaders, and where they meet on campus and start getting connected NOW!  
2023-2024 CLUB LIST:
Club Presidents Who is your advisor? What is your advisor's email? What is the room number of your meetings?
Academic Decathlon Jaimie Ko James Berrier [email protected] 501 (Berrier) and 210 (Turner)
American Heritage Club Logan Musselman Garth Anderson [email protected] 310
Arts & Crafts Club Jamie Cota Mr. Bobbs [email protected] 303
ASB Palak Dhiman Mrs. Murphy [email protected] 103
AVID 9 Elle Kha Mrs. Murphy [email protected] 103/105
AVID 10 Isabella Rosales Calzada Mrs. Lawler [email protected] 705
AVID 11 Sean Pham Mr. Girba [email protected] 504
AVID 12 Kayla Nguyen Brendan Keegan [email protected] 502
AVID General Kayla Nguyen Brendan Keegan [email protected] 502, 105, 504, 705, 601
Badminton Club Jaden Park, Louis Le Ms. Sanchez [email protected] 310
Baking Club Ashley Chao and Joann Nguyen Brendan Keegan [email protected] 502
Big Brother Big Sister President - Daniella Ayoub Mr.Keegan [email protected] 502
Boys League Sean Pham Julian Leon Mr.Girba [email protected] 504
Bread Club Katherine McCarthy Mr. Gay [email protected] 712
Bridges Club Jinx Pillai Emily Turner [email protected] 210
Chess Club Zack Nguyen John Terreri [email protected] 610
Chinese Cultural Club Long Phu Ms. Sanchez [email protected] 510
CHOC Heather Pham and Michelle Pham Ms. S Nguyen [email protected] 110
Class Cabinet 2026 Isabella Rosales Calzada Ms.Perez [email protected] 112
Class Cabinet 2027 Michelle Perez and Ashley Calfa Mrs. Kitt [email protected] 508
Class of 2025 Aly Bacilio, Annie Ponsiglione Ms. Meknat [email protected] 204
Club SAS (Serious About Science) Kyle Ha Angela Liogys [email protected] 603
Coastline Rescue Finity Tran Phuong Nguyen [email protected] 605
Connections Club Samuel Johnson Mrs. Spencer   302
CornerStone Club Ian Alves Mr.Berrier [email protected] 108
Crochet crew Darla De Leon Ms.Chapman/ Ms.Contreras [email protected] Library
CSF Doan Tran and Michelle Pham Mr.Girba [email protected] 504
Debate Club Elle Kha Mr. Stirling [email protected] Room 609
FAMHA or Female Athlete Mental Health Awarness Jazmin Zapata Mrs. Holly [email protected] 604
FCA Megan Stratton Mr. Caira [email protected] 708
Girls' League Kayla Macavinta & Hayley Inez Mrs. House [email protected] auditorium
GSA Club My board members are Miles Alfaro (Vice-President) and Asher Belshe (Secretary) Kelly Powers [email protected] 309
HOSA Isabella Nguyen Ms. Mchale [email protected] 604
Inno-Create Only Bach Nguyen Ms.Vi [email protected] 608
Interact Alyssa Florentin Perez and Parsons [email protected] [email protected] 112
Kababayan Club Hayley Inez Mrs. Tourtellotte [email protected] 703
Key Club Anh Nguyen Pellegrino [email protected] 507
Korean Culture Club Anh Nguyen Mrs. Lim [email protected] 606
Latinos UNIDOs Kate Jimenez Mrs. Vallejo, Mr. García. [email protected] 108
MSJ Skye Cervantes Mrs. Perez [email protected] 112
Multi-Cultural Society Trang Nguyen, Julie Ngo Ms. Kitt [email protected] 508
NAMI Jiya Kamble Mrs. Tourtellotte [email protected] 703
National Honor Society Jaimie Ko Annie Stultz and Debbie Parrott [email protected] / [email protected] 503 (Parrott)
OSP Myself, Courtney Melancon. Ms. Modaffari [email protected] 709
Pacifica Art Club Sydney T Nguyen Mrs. Sheila Colcord [email protected] 301
Pacifica Literature Club Monika Webb Mr. Jefferson [email protected] 510
Pawfect Community Chloe Park Mrs. Kitt [email protected] 508
Project redirect Julie Ngo Ms. Sanchez [email protected] 310
Project Vietnam Jocelyn Le Ms. Lawler [email protected] or [email protected] 705
Rambunctiousness Luke Yamauchi Mr. Briggs [email protected] 509
Red Cross Shiloh Briggs Mr. Briggs [email protected] 509
Senior Class Sammy Johnson, Jiny Chang Modaffari and Ross [email protected] And [email protected] 711/709
Serious About Science Ethan Ko and Kyle Ha Ms. Liogys [email protected] room 603
Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica (SHH) Ruby Cadena Mrs. Perez [email protected] 112
SUCH Adaan Ramirez Mrs. H. Nguyen [email protected] 605
Sustainability Squad Ashley Sedgwick Mr. Girba [email protected] 504
Theater arts Marcus Mendoza Mr. Berrier [email protected] 501
UNICEF Ariana Cortes (only president) Mrs Howell [email protected] 704
VSA Minh-Tam Nguyen Mrs. DQ Nguyen [email protected] 104
Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Ray Gehle Eric Anderson [email protected] Room 702
Yearbook Hannah Fry Mrs. Perez [email protected] 501