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This year we will have a student teacher from UCI, Mr. VU.
Below, you will find the course Syllabus.


Course Syllabus


Stephen Nowicki. (2007). Biology. NewYork: McDougal Littell

Steve Doucette
Kelly Powers (Periods 4 and 5)


Instructor Availability

I am available every day after school. If you need to schedule additional time, please see me.


Course Description

Biology is the study of living and once-living things. Bio means “life” and logy means “the study of”. Biology fulfils the requirements for college admissions. Successful completion of this course will fulfill 10 units towards you’re A-G science requirements for graduation.


Academic Coursework


Student Product



Formative Assessments: chapter questions, worksheets, projects, reports, labs, on-line activities and aquaponics

All work completed for formative assessments will be kept in an interactive notebook. This includes assigned chapter questions, activities completed in class, class notes, projects and reports that are not on-line and lab reports. On-line projects will be turned in and graded through Google Classroom.

In addition, students will be required to use part of their lunch time to record data and maintain the class aquaponics system.



Summative Assessment: Tests

This includes quizzes, chapter tests, benchmarks, midterms and finals. These tests are closed book.






Academic Grading Schedule

A+ = 100- 97             A   = 96 – 94               A- = 93 - 90

B+   = 89 – 87             B   = 86 – 84              B- = 83 – 80             

C+ = 79 – 77        C = 76 – 74                  C- = 73 – 70

D+  = 69 – 67             D   = 66 – 64              D- = 63 – 61            

F     = 60 and below


Citizenship and Work Habits

Your citizenship grade is a letter designation “O, S, N or U” and will be based on your classroom behavior, showing respect towards others and maintaining a positive attitude.

Your work habits grade is a letter designation “O, S, N or U” and will be based on the timeliness and completeness of your work and your attendance.


Late Work due to absences

Tests can be made up. Please be responsible and let me know if you have a test to make-up. Notebooks are graded on the day of the chapter test. We do go over homework in class but it is not graded until the notebooks are collected on test days. Still… Keep up!


Expectations of Students


By now, you all know how to behave. I follow school rules as set in the district and school policy handbook, which you can read on your own.


A few of my own rules include

  1. Do your best to be on time and in your seat when the bell rings. Make a tardy the exception.
  2. Come prepared. Have your reading and homework done. Bring your notebooks, pens and pencils. No need to bring your book.
  3. Be respectful to yourself, other students, the teacher and the subject.
  4. Participate through listening, questioning and sharing appropriately by not interrupting and being thoughtful.
  5. I really don’t like eating or drinking anything other than water in the classroom. However, sometimes someone just needs some fuel so we will figure that out as the exception.
  6. Upon leaving the classroom at the end of the period, try to leave your area in neat and orderly for the next student.
  7. One last tip… I really love seeing students respecting, having patience with and being helpful to one another! I hope I see a lot of that with your class!
  8. Oh yes… one last last thing. I make mistakes just like all of us. Sometimes it is with a grade, sometimes with information I share, sometimes a name and sometimes I forget an appointment or assignment. And sometimes I just have a bad day. These are the exceptions but it does happen. Please let me know if you see something that does not make sense or does not seem right.


Conclusion and Success

If you get behind or feel lost come talk to me immediately. There are a variety of ways for you to be helped and thereby be successful. Science is fun, but is a difficult topic that will require your attention and preparation. Be an active participant in class, study, come in with a positive attitude and you will be successful!


I hope you have a wonderful, inspirational and fulfilling year not only here at Pacifica but in everything you do this year!


Mr. D