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Josh Myers » Mr. Myers' Webpage

Mr. Myers' Webpage

Welcome to the new school year! I'm excited to work together this year.
My objectives for the year are twofold:
1) that you access a rigorous, standards-based math education, and
2) that you develop as a whole person, learning about yourself and how to work collaboratively with your peers.
"Rigorous" for me means that you will develop your problem solving and critical thinking skills, not just procedural fluency. I place a high degree of emphasis on mathematical reasoning and conceptual understanding in my class. My expectations are that you will justify your own thinking, analyze the thinking of your peers, and use academic language accurately. You will have my constant support developing strategies to do this effectively. 
I believe these skills are foundational to your success in college, your career, and your personal life -- regardless of whether your future aspirations are STEM-related.
Please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] with any questions or comments.
For ANY student that would like help -- I hold extra help/tutoring sessions every week during tutorial in my room, C Building #207. Should you have questions about how to sign up for tutorial, please reach out to me.
Office hours are by appointment.
My schedule is below:
Period # Course Name Google Classroom Code
0 Trigonometry (Fall) / Statistics (Spring) arwgpdo
1 Trigonometry (Fall) / Statistics (Spring) y4aqmux
2 Trigonometry (Fall) / Statistics (Spring) 23xsnod
3 Algebra 2 / Trigonometry fpngcfy
5 Trigonometry (Fall) / Statistics (Spring) 4keqt7s