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Welcome to Pacifica High School!  Check out the "Mariner News" below for up-to-date info.  PTSA Dues can now be paid online!  Click on "Parents" tab for details!

2018 - 2019 Accomplishments

- Sent 4 Cadets to Sail Academy
- Sent 10 Cadets and 1 Blue Shirt to Area 11 Leadership Academy - Honor Cadet 3rd Platoon (Cadet Bungcayao)
- Color Guard - West Garden Grove 4th of July Parade
Drill Camp
NJROTC Orientation
Troy Leadership Seminar
Poseidon - 3 teams
Neptune - 5th Overall out of 16 Teams
Troy BLT - 10 Cadets and Four Pushers
Santa Ana BLT - 40 Cadets and Three Pushers
Paloma Valley Leadership Seminar
Troy Athletic Field Meet - CHAMPIONS - 1ST OVERALL OUT OF 29 UNITS
     - 2nd Push Ups
     - 2nd Sit Ups
     - 2nd Endurance Run
     - 2nd Frisbee Golf
     - 3rd Ultimate Leap Frog
     - 3rd Torpedo Run
     - 4th 6 X 220 Relay
     - 4th Boardwalk
     - 4th Wheelbarrow
     - 5th Football Throw
     - 5th 12 X 100 Relay
     - 5th Rope Bridge
     - 5th Dizzy Izzy
     - 8th Tug of War
     - 13th Volleyball
Back to School Night
Troy Mindsoon - 2 teams  - Placed 12th and 14th
Pacifica Cadet and Family BBQ
Pacifica Brain Brawl Qualifier - hosting 20 teams (Pacifica Did Not Participate)
     - Champions Troy
     - 2nd - ECR 2
     - 3rd - ECR 1
     - 4th - Chaparral
     - 5th - Cabrillo 2
     - 6th - Coronado 1
Lemoore Drill Meet Qualifier - Pacifica Black Overall Champions Qualifying for the Super Bowl - Area 11 Championship
1st Place in:

    - Unarmed Basic Drill

    - Unarmed Exhibition Drill

    - Color Guard

    - 8 X 220

    - Push Ups

    - Overall Physical Fitness

2nd Place in:

    - Armed Basic

    - 16 X 100 Relay

    - Curl Ups

    - Academics

    - Overall Drill

    - Personnel Inspection

4th Place in Armed Exhibition


Individual Placers:

Academics - 4th Caleb Huang

Male Curl Ups - Andy Do 3rd, Tim Vo 5th, Richard Ngo 6th, Nam Tran 7th

Female Curl Ups - Casey Li 7th, Mary Klaire Jamandre 9th

Male Push Ups - Dylan Anderson 1st, David Ko 4th, Thomas Bui 10th

Female Push Ups - Alex Vo 1st, Juliana Hwang 3rd, Mary Klaire Jamandre 4th, Lucia Le 6th, Britton Dedmon 10th

Reedley Drill Meet Qualifier - Pacifica Blue Overall Champions Qualifying for Area 11 Super Bowl - Area 11 Championship
1st Place In:
     - Armed Basic
     - Armed Exhibition
     - Color Guard
     - 16 X 100
     - Curl Ups
     - Push Ups
     - Academic
     - Overall Drill
     - Overall PT
 2nd Place In:
     - Unarmed Exhibition
     - 8 X 220
     - Personnel Inspection
3rd Place In: Unarmed Basic
Cyberpatriot Round 1 - One Team scored 137 points
Morningside Elementary School Visit
Pie in the Face Senior Trip Fundraiser - $1011 Raised
Orienteering El Dorado Park - 3 Cadets Competed
Orienteering Poway - 20 Cadets Competed
NJROTC Party for cadets and family
Combat Radio Christmas Breakfast - 62 cadets attended
Irvine Orienteering Meet - 20 Cadets competed
Huntington Beach Lights of Love Holiday Parade - 80 Cadets attended
Area Manager's Inspection - 145 out of 150 cadets Inspected by LCDR E. Miller and LT R. Fronek (Troy NSI)
College Options Academic Exam Round 1 - Advanced to Round 2
Seal Beach Christmas Parade
CyberPatriot Round 2 - Qualified for the California Cyberpatriot State Championship
Santiago RAIDERS at Seal Beach - Three Teams
     - CO-ED Team 1st Place Overall
     - Dylan Anderson - 2nd place Ultimate Male Raider
     - Juliana Hwang - 1st Place Ultimate Female Raider
Serra Drill Meet (Pacifica Black) - 3rd Place Overall
Troy Brain Brawl - 3 Teams - Placed 5th, 12th, and 14th.  Qualified one team for Super Brawl in March
Jingle Jam Eastgate Park 
Area 11 Orienteering Championships - San Dimas 3rd Overall Qualified for Nationals
     - Freshman team 3rd Overall with 1st, 2nd, 3rd place overall individual finishers
Ramona Drill Meet - Pacifica Blue
Cyberpatriot State Championship
Murrieta Mesa Drill Meet - Pacifica White 9th overall
ECR Brain Brawl - Two Teams 2nd and 4th overall
Super Bowl - Pacifica Black and Pacifica Blue (Black 5th overall, Blue 14th Overall)
Orienteeting National Championship (14th Overall)
Coronado Brain Brawl - 1st Overall
Las Vegas Drill Meet - 1st Overall
Area 11 Brain Brawl "Super Brawl" Championships - Three teams - Placed 2nd, 5th, and 6th Overall
National Brain Brawl Championships - 7th in the Nation