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Class Research Info

Parque's Shakespeare Webquest                                          October 2, 2017

You will need headphones for this webquest.  Library headsets are located on the counter near the teacher's computer.

  1. Watch the video “Why Shakespeare Matters” (6:48). Scroll down on the on right-hand side of this page until you find the “Why Shakespeare Matters” video link (It's below the blue sidebar).
  2. Visit the Folger Website.  While at the Folger Website, click on “Shakespeare” and then choose “Podcasts and Recordings” from the menu on the left. Listen to audio “Men of Letters: Shakespeare’s Influence on Abraham Lincoln” (18:29) (It's the last selection on the page).
  3.  Visit Bard on the Beach to learn more about TED talk speaker, Christopher Gaze. 
  4. View “Shakespeare is Everywhere.” (16:28) Scroll down on the on right-hand side of this page until you find the “Shakespeare is Everywhere” video link (It's below the blue sidebar).
  5. To find the meanings of the quotes, select the letter the quote begins with, scroll through the list of quotes, and write your answer on your paper. This is a helpful website. 
  6. Using the Gale Database articles, answer questions about Edwin Booth, section 2D. For Question 1, click here. For Questions 2&3, click here.
Ms. Parque's Classes:   9/21/2017
NoodletoolsExpress for practicing Works Cited entries.